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That feeling when you’re pouring yourself some cereal and realize you’re about to finish them and you’re just like, “86 that shit!” cause you don’t give a rats ass what your sister eats for breakfast, but one thing you do know is that it won’t be Captain Crunch.
Or when you’re walking through the dark of your house in nothing but boxers and a strange taste fills your mouth, leaving you curious as to its origin, perplexed in the sensation, and the only thing you can do is say softly to yourself, “I miss the taste of everything bad.”
To live panicked, calmed in the knowledge that the panic will remain constant. That things change by the second, and you can always count on that. 
Where does sanity end and madness begin?

My friend got unto the university of her choice!
I’m incredibly happy for her.
It does make me wonder about myself a little, and I’d be lying if I said I weren’t a bit melancholic at the thought that everyone is moving quicker through their life than me; but I find solace in that everyone moves at their own pace, and that I am just as capable as anyone else.
I’m any case, I shouldn’t let my internal worries overshadow the happy occasion :)


To say something or not….

Probably best not to.

To say something or not….